Heather Morris and magazine covers

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Dancing was my sport when I was younger. So I chose that over everything. And then, I just had to keep going because it became a competitive thing. But I’m not trying to impress anyone anymore. Dancing is more like my art, now.

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the first step to any murder is to have fun and be yourself

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This guy was literally wearing an Oprah hoodie

wow i cant believe u go to school with josh peck

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did she just…

I think she did…..

Anna please yes

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glee meme: one quote 

"I know that all the kids in the glee club, they fight and they steal each others’ boyfriends and girlfriends and they threaten to quit, like, every other week. But weird stuff like that happens in families. Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what, and they accept you for who you are. I know I’m going to be a bridesmaid at Mike and Tina’s wedding. And I’m going to be anxiously awaiting just like everyone else to see if their babies are Asian too. When they find an operation to make Artie’s legs work again, I’m going to be there for his first steps. I love them. I love everyone in glee club. And I get to spend another year with everyone I love, so… I’m good.”

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